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It’s strange to think this way, but the dusk has set in on my summer. In the next 24 hours, I will travel back to New Zealand for the team’s three-week on-snow training camp. It has always been an adjustment to go from near (or above) 30°c to Winter’s chill, at the Snow Farm, of -5°c or so. It is not just the temperature, or seasonal change (from high Summer to mid Winter) that I think makes the greatest impact from this camp. For me, the New Zealand camp acts as a turning point in the training season. Returning home from the New Zealand camp, the rest of the training season seems to flash by, before the sudden realization of being on the eve of the competitive season. This camp seems to act as the starting point for the late Fall and Winter’s planning. The realization that Winter is near. […]

All of a sudden we were in Sapporo, Japan for the final World Cup of this season. The first race there for me may have been my best in Japan. A 10km Free, in which I was skiing technically very well. For the most part, I had a good snap to my movements and could get the power down into the snow. Had the opportunity to ski with some of the Visually Impaired Skiers and was able to stick with them. Though in the end, I had to turn on the burners and charge to the finish line. If the 0.4seconds in PyeongChang hurt, it was nothing to being fourth yet again but this time by only 0.1seconds. That was consecutive races (20km total distance) finishing in fourth on both occasions by a combined time of 0.5seconds. Should have worked on my finish line lunges! The final Cross Country race […]

About a year ago, I along with my coach put together a plan, focused on the upcoming season but also the larger picture of performance at the Games in 2018. It was decided to target the World Championships as the competition to be at my fastest. The second focus for the season was at the Paralympic Test Event in PyeongChang, Korea. It was a tight turnaround between wrapping things up in Germany, flying back to Canmore before continuing westward to Korea. Having some previous experience in PyeongChang made the transition go smoothly and as efficient as possible. First up was the Biathlon Sprint. I pretty much continued from where I left off. I was clean on the range but was out-skied on course to finish second on the day. A good start to the World Cup. Next up was the big test, a 20km Cross Country freestyle race in warm, […]

I might be a little late writing this update, but I needed some time to catch my breath after that season. A whirlwind season, which I could not have even imagined back in November. Though the first World Cup of the season was in December, it seems so far away now and yet the whole season flew by. As I was flying home from Finland, I was thrilled with the week I had had. Five races, where I earned a spot on the podium in four of them and my worst race was a fifth place finish. Little did I know then that it was only the beginning and it wouldn’t even be my best week this season… The next international competition that I raced at was World Championships in Finsterau, Germany. The two goals that I had for myself going into Worlds were one; to stay healthy. On both […]

After a month since my first race of this season, it was time for the serious racing to start- IPC World Cup action in Vuokatti, Finland. I returned to Vuokatti coincidentally one month shy of a decade since I stood at the start of my very first World Cup race (which was also in Vuokatti). Vuokatti has been a regular stop over that decade, having visited the town almost every season since I started. The schedule was not an easy one. I was planning on racing potentially five of the possible six races in eight days. I was excited to start the season off with a Classic Sprint. I thought it would be a great way to build into the racing and prepare for the following days’ Biathlon Sprint. Classic Sprints have been, in the past, a strong discipline for me. Over the past year, I have been working and […]

Let me start from the end. I’m headed home after the team’s first Fall training camp in Mammoth Lakes, California. My focus for this camp was a high volume load and technique work in both classic and skate. And drinking a lot, of water. With the higher altitude, warmer temperatures and drier climate staying hydrated was a chore in itself throughout the camp. I think I stayed on top of it well enough. Most of the camp I was roller skiing, but we did do some running for easier afternoons workouts or ski striding for intensities. The highlight of the camp has to be the run we did on the penultimate day. The plan was to do a long run in Yosemite National Park. A couple of the guys were going to run in and then summit Half Dome. I wasn’t quite sure if I could handle that plan. Over […]

To kick off the training camp schedule for this season the team headed south to Bend, Oregon. This June camp has become a favorite for everyone on the team. The combination of warm or even hot, weather, usually with very little rain is ideal for great training. The training opportunities are fantastic. Not to mention the ‘recovery’ food and drink scene is incredible. (There are more then two dozen breweries, local to Bend.) It has always been a joy to go to Bend. The training and food are both great but I think a large part of it is the atmosphere of the town. With the climate they have it would be hard not to get outside and do something. It is more then that, the town itself has built a very active and exciting lifestyle. Which then can be enjoyed it some awe-inspiring scenery. All that said, sometimes you […]