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Age: 27 Mark Arendz
Height: 1.94m
Weight: 76kg
Hometown: Hartsville, Prince Edward Island
Current Residence: Canmore, Alberta
Birthdate: March 3, 1990

Coaches: Robin McKeever (Head Coach)
        John Jaques (Shooting Coach)
Wax Technicians: Ian Daffern, Bruce Johnson, Laurent Roux
Club: Rocky Mountain Racers
Years on the National Team: 9
Skis: Fischer
Boots: Fischer
Poles: Leki

Colour: Metallic Orange
Movie: Blood Diamond
Book: A Song of Ice and Fire, George R.R. Martin
Food: Club Sandwich

National Ski Team Background:Mark Arendz
Mark Arendz is a 27-year-old student from the province of Prince Edward Island, and a member of the Canadian Para-Nordic Ski Team. After making his Paralympic debut in 2010, Mark enjoyed a breakthrough season in 2010-11 where he finished second overall in the IPC World Cup standings after accumulating three gold medals, two silver and one bronze. He proved in 2012 he was not a one-season wonder, but is definitely one of the emerging leaders on the Canadian squad, after racking up two gold, one silver and three bronze medals at IPC World Cup races to finish second overall once again. Mark took things a step further during the pre-Paralympic season when he finished first overall on the IPC World Cup biathlon circuit for his category – a season highlighted by one gold and two bronze medals at the 2013 World Championships. Mark finished this successful quadrennial with a silver and a bronze medals from the 2014 Paralympic Winter Games.

Introduction to Cross-Country Skiing:
Being competitive by nature, Mark took a liking to sports at a very young age. He began skiing in the backyard when he was about five years old. Mark began his competitive career in 2003 with the use of a ski prosthetic where he started racing in able-bodied competitions only. His interest turned towards biathlon after watching the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City when he decided to give it a try. The following winter he began rifle shooting, and soon was on the local cadet biathlon team. Mark had great success with that team, setting record results at Nationals and becoming the first Island team to medal.

At the age of seven, Mark was involved in a farm accident, which resulted in the amputation of his left arm above the elbow. While this accident was a life altering experience, it did not affect his love of sport or deter him from any future aspirations. Mark is also applying the mental skills and dedication involved with being a high- performance athlete to studying Kinesiology.

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