A tough at the office. This morning’s race was a Biathlon Sprint but instead of using the normal Air rifles IPC had a test event with an Electronic system. There had been a lot of uncertainty in the weeks and days leading up to this test event. How would it actually look? What would be the most fair way to race without everyone having their own rifles? But in the end Kurviven, the Local Organizing Committee and the Competition staff/volunteers put together a great event. It allowed the athletes and Nations a small sampling of the electronic rifle concept. I don’t believe we will be switching in the immediate future but it offered a chance to take the first important steps in developing a system that may someday become the norm. Without the typical factors that effect shooting (wind, sunlight or voodoo magic) and the target size remaining the same; several people hit all the targets. Actually the top-7 in my category cleaned their shooting bouts. So it became a Cross Country race. I started really well (3 seconds out of the lead), continuing that through the second lap (14 seconds from the leader). But I burned too much over the first two laps and faded throughout the third and final lap. Losing a lot of time in what was going to be a quick Biathlon Sprint. I’m a little disappointed with the result. I felt I had a good race, not the best but good. I did a lot of things right except ski fast enough. Take my lessons from that and move forward. Some time back on the Island for the Holidays before the final few weeks of training before the 2015 World Championships.

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