Today was the start of the 2014/2015 IPC World Cup Season. First race on the calendar was the Biathlon Sprint. I arrived in Vuokatti Monday morning. A slick entrance! With a rain storm and warm wind hitting Vuokatti over the past few days the roads, walkways and trails were sheer ice. Despite a thick helping of grit- traction wasn’t improved much. I stayed upright, but with a few oh s***, close calls. It feels great to get a start to the season. I shot well; cleaning both bouts. One shot was a little too close to the edge for my liking but with my Jedi mind tricks I curved the pellet just inside the target. On course I skied well enough but couldn’t quite get into that top speed.
When I go into a race I want to make the fewest mistakes. I did that quite well today. I simply didn’t have the speed in the body to catch the leaders, so I finished 5th. A great start, but makes me hungry for more. Good thing there are another three Biathlon races (and two Cross Country races) left.

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