Mark 28It was a good thing that over the past few days it has been easy to get up early in the morning. With the linger effects of jet lag. Yesterday morning and then again this morning, Brian McKeever and I were doing Breakfast Television interviews. The interviews were short and sweet. There isn’t much you can cover in a three minute segment. First up was Breakfast Television on CityTV on Friday morning. Really fun to meet up with Bobsledder Jesse Lumsden, co-hosting the show for day and getting his locks cut off for the Alberta Cancer Society. Awesome a great dude to hang out with. Spending the day around Calgary, catching up with old friends. The evening had a real treat in store. The Calgary Flames invited Brian and I to attend their Friday night game against the Nashville Predators. Barely into the Game, during a Time-out we were interviewed for the entire Saddledome. An amazing feeling to say Thank you to the crowd and have it erupt in a thunderous applause. As the first intermission began quickly a line formed behind us, all seeking a chance to hold the medals and get a picture with them and us. The line didn’t dissipate until the puck dropped again for the second period. This again occurred during the second intermission. It’s great to see the smile on a kid’s face as you place a medal around their neck. Their faces beaming while we take a photo together. Oh yeah, and the game was great! End to end scoring, with the Flames charging hard to the end but just not getting the last goal they needed to tie it up in regulation. It was off the bed and up early this morning. Another interview today with Global TV. In the end it was a great little mini media tour.

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  1. Congrats on all your accomplishments in Sochi and being a winner in LIFE, you ROCK buddy!

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