Never Giving Up
Glad to see Winter has somewhat returned to the Laura Ski Center. Two days ago I was a little concerned that we may be mud skiing before the end of the Games. The moisture began falling during my Biathlon race but luckily it cooled off just enough that the rain Sochi 7turned to snow. The snow did make for some interesting Cross Country Sprints. A huge congrats to Brian McKeever for an impressive show of strength in the Final. That is the reason I keeping pushing myself to get better. A performance like that is why you never stop trying, pushing to the end. Brian, you gave me a scare there for first few hundred meters but then you made me as proud as anyone watching the final kilometer of that race. A salute to Graham Nishikawa out front during that race as Brian’s guide. Tomorrow is the last Biathlon race of the 2014 Paralympic Games. The grand-daddy of the Biathlon races the Individual.

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