Fight to the End
Another long hard fought battle, and in the end I won my second Paralympic medal a Bronze medal. Bronze has always been associated with work no doubt that today was a lot of work. A stumble not far from the start line cost me a lot of time right off the bat. I spent the next three laps playing catch up. The final lap was a seat gripping affair. As I charged upwards through the standings the leaders decided to make it interesting by missing shots. Giving me, although very briefly, the leading time. The eventually winner was by far ahead of everyone else. With Ulset missing two in his final bout he made it a Mark 13three way race for the Silver medal. He would just slip ahead taking Silver while I skied a hard final lap to secure third place. In a tough category with several athletes that could win any race, Iā€™m extremely pleased to finish on the podium once again. I made mistakes, the fall, a missed shot and not quite the tempo I showed in the Short race, I had to fight all the way to stay on the podium. The encouraging part for me is that after each mistake I focused back to my race and charged onwards.
Today was the first day that we have seen a real change in the weather. The previous days have been for the most part a mix of sun and cloud. There was no sight of the sun in any form today. Rain, drizzle heavy fog dominated the morning and the majority of the afternoon before it settled on a light drizzle to round out the day of racing. During the zero there were times where it was difficult to see the targets. More like aiming for the center of the dark blur then aiming at a black and white target. For me the first bout of shooting in the race was on the edge of clearly seeing the target, the remaining three bouts the fog was lighter each time.
It is all about recovery at this stage of the Games. Saying this with a grimace as I jump into a bathtub filled with icy water. Recovery is a strategic game as well. I had an opportunity to hit the start line again today in the Cross Country Sprint. In favor of focusing in on the third and final Biathlon race and the Cross Country Relay the day after, my coach and I thought that resting today instead of racing would hold more benefit. This afternoon will be busy enough as I have my second medal ceremony to attend.

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