The Quiet Before the Storm
Mark 11It is hard to believe what happened yesterday. Then standing up on stage at the Medals Plaza it hit home. I’m no longer just a Paralympian but a Paralympic medalist. It has been hard to wipe the grin off my face since the Biathlon race. I enjoyed my two days off, resting over the first day and having the medal ceremony that evening. This morning was pretty chill. Sleeping in, a late breakfast then up to the venue to cheer on teammate Brian McKeever, in his first race here in Sochi. He paced a wonderful race to take the Gold medal, his eighth Paralympic Gold. A huge congrats to both guides Erik and Graham on a superb job. After all the races today at the Laura center there was official training for tomorrow’s Biathlon race. It was a bit late for official training, which only started around 16:00. But when I hit the start line tomorrow it will be a later start as well. My race will start at 13:20 local time. Tomorrow is the second Biathlon race, the Middle Distance. I will be skiing five laps of a 2.5km course. With four bouts of shooting and a penalty loop for each missed shot. The key for me is to take pride in my accomplishment from Saturday but as well put it aside and refocus on the next race. The challenge will be to replicate what I need once again to achieve my goals. I know what I need and I know how to obtain it, so tomorrow’s race will be about going out and focusing on my race and what I need to do.
This will be the start of a jam packed schedule from here to the end of the Games. I have a possible five races in the next six days. Focus, recovery and refocus will be the keys to success over the next week. The forecast looks to be turning a little grim over the next two days with rain beginning tomorrow some time; the Sochi 5temperature will drop, changing the rain to snow. Whether the forecast can be trusted we are looking at a lot of snow on Wednesday.
To finish today, I want to leave you with a thought provoking and light-hearted photo.

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