Twas the Eve Before
The eve of the 2014 Paralympic Winter Games. The Opening Ceremonies are a few hours away. Those attending the ceremony are dressed and headed down to the stadium in Sochi. Some teams in clothing that appears to be straight from a fashion magazine. Trust me, Canada will be one of the most fashionably dressed walking into the stadium. I will not be attending the Opening Ceremonies. The first competition of the Games starts tomorrow morning at 10. I will stay at home and prepare for tomorrow’s Biathlon race. I want to be recovered and rested in preparation for tomorrow’s start to the Games. From here in the Endurance Village the Opening Ceremonies is quite a lengthy process. The athletes left the village around 16:00, taken by bus directly to the stadium. Arriving at the stadium about 17:30. The drive is about an hour so I think there is some room added-in to play with. There will be a marshaling in an neighboring stadium. Just before 20:00 the athletes make their way to the Fisht Stadium. Similar to the Olympics, the Opening Ceremonies will begin at 20:14. After the ceremony the buses depart returning to the villages. There is only an estimated arrival back at the Endurance Village of midnight. I’m sure it will be a great show to watch. To take part in a little way, I sent my camera down hoping that someone takes lots of photos.
Officially tonight is the Opening of the Winter Games. Skiing this morning it hardly feels like Winter. The skiing is more similar to Spring conditions or skiing in the Summer on glaciers. Very different skiing then you would find in Canmore. All the final pieces are coming together. Today we had official training. Skied the course and did some intensity, pin-pointing key areas of the course on where I can make time or lose time. What is the ideal line, what is next best. Seeing the layout in the stadium to avoid making costly mistakes, especially in the last lap. Shooting was right on, it feels very naturally and precise.
And so it begins…

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  1. Lynn Boudreau says:

    Awesome job Mark. Good luck tomorrow.

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