Frozen Delight
A treat for the skiers this morning, waking up to find that it had actually froze overnight. The soupy mess from yesterday we called trails were in amazing shape this morning. Hard, firm and fast. A few of the high traffic cornering areas were a little more chewed up then others but it was great skiing. I was only out for about an hour on snow but it changed dramatically in that time. It started out being in great condition and about halfway I noticed it was softening up a lot. Go figure the sun was out and shinning brightly onto the snow. Very few clouds to block the sun. Temperatures into the double digits. The side of the trails were getting littered with articles of clothing and more and more skin was showing. It was full blown spring skiing by the end, shorts and t-shirt weather. At this rate I’ll have a tan before I make it to Nicaragua. Yeah, for headband tan lines!
The goal for today’s workout was to set up the rifle, get comfortable and familiar with the range. See how the sun, the wind, cloud cover affect conditions in the range. My first group was extremely low but after clicking (adjusting the sights on the rifle) up a lot, I was on target. Another important aspect to know is how the range sounds. What does it sound like when I fire and hit a target or split a target. How does it sound when someone hits a target or misses beside me. For me I find if I use all my senses that I get a lot more instantaneous info and make faster and better decisions while I shoot.
I find myself settled in quite well and slowly finding out where everything is. Finding my niche. Tomorrow is official training for the Biathlon Short Distance race. I would say the Games are now getting close.

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