A Breathing Moment
An awesome day relaxing in Munich. It was good to take a moment and do nothing, really. A great way to transition from training and preparation to where we will begin our Sochi Games experience. The morning was just hanging out and catching up on anything that needed to be finished before the Games begin.
In the afternoon, a few of the team and I went out to a coffee place. A teammate had Bald Neulooked for the best coffee shop in town, along with a local roaster to get some beans from. The roaster highly recommended this place; it was where we actually met the roaster and picked up some beans. Bald Neu. A tiny corner shop with a touch of an industrial look but still holding onto its own distinct look and feel. As you can tell we are in good hands, George is here! The shop was about the craft and by all reports they did it right. We had to make sure, so with a few rounds of coffees, we were constantly being impressed. A light lunch, which again was excellent, really well done. We were then offered one of the best juices I have ever had, made by Pressbar. Simple too, the four ingredients were spinach, pineapple, apple and lemon. That was it, nothing else. If you are ever in Munich , got some time and need a coffee, this is the place go.
As a final touch to the Pre-Paralympic Camp the team here in Munich went out as a group. As crazy as it sounds but this could our last chance to enjoy a meal all together for quite a while. During the Games everyone has their own busy schedule and it would be rare, if impossible, that all the schedules align allowing us to sit down for a meal. With tomorrow morning’s flight being early in the morning we decided to try and check in our bags tonight, relieving some of the time and pressure from the morning. It was a breeze, quite painless checking in a large group in no time. We are all glad it worked out this way. The next update will be from Sochi, Russia.

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