On the Move
A busy day with training, packing up everything and then driving back to Munich. First thing this morning was to pack up the rooms and move everything downstairs in the hotel. Breakfast followed. Started breakfast by squeezing fresh orange juice. With fresh orange juice in hand nothing else really can bother you. While eating breakfast it was surreal to look outside and be treated to a beautiful wintery scene. The new snow thick on everything, especially on the trees was amazing to look at. In total it snowed about 12-15cms at the hotel and about the same higher up at the ski trails. The fresh snow was a benefit as it could very likely mimic conditions I will encounter over the next two weeks. The plan for today’s training was intensity. Really focused on the workout and the intensity treating it similar to a race. I was feeling really strong in both the skiing and the shooting. A fantastic way to finish the Pre-Paralympic training camp. After cooling down, rushed back to the hotel, finished packing the luggage and then repacking the vehicles. A delicious meal to end the Italian segment of this trip. It has been great to work off a large chunk of the jet lag in Italy. The skiing was fabulous and the hotel is one of the best I have ever stayed at in all my travels. Off to Munich for a rest day tomorrow around the city before our flight to Sochi on Tuesday. The next few days are chaotic at best and the only way to get through them is to go with the flow but knowing when to step aside and take a breather. The hard work is done, now it is up to the fine details. Performance relies on being in the moment. Focusing on what you can control, then perfecting on that will allow you to achieve your goals.

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  1. Enjoy every moment Mark! Thanks for taking us along for the ride. All the very best from the Bain family in Oyster Bed Bridge.

  2. fraser says:

    do it!

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