March is Here
Finally March has arrived. It does that after each February but this March I’ve been waiting for the past four years. In a skier’s World, March can be a big deal. It is where most of the racing is wrapped up. For Canadians it means Ski Nationals. March usually means that some of the best skiing of the year is upcoming. Warm, sunny days and you can peel the layers off. Not that the skier’s in Canmore or anywhere in the West of Canada will be shedding layers in the coming days. But keep the chin up March is here and with it, hopefully, sunny t-shirt only skis.
Training was simple today, an easy ski for just over an hour. I chose to classic ski despite shooting with the training this morning. Classic skiing isn’t always the funniest to deal with well shooting because as you step onto the mat the grip wax sticks (go figure) to the rubber mats. Getting up off the mat, it is the same issue but the getting up usually is where you will fall flat on your face if you don’t expect the skis to stick. With klister on your skis you are almost guaranteeing a hilarious moment, for everyone else. I had just sat down for lunch when it began to snow. At first tiny snowflakes but they were coming down in mass. As the afternoon went on the size of the snowflakes increased and it started to accumulate. Turning the view out my window into a Winter Wonderland. It seems to mean business, have to wait til morning to see how much fell and whether I’ll be skiing in ankle deep fresh powder. It is hard to believe tomorrow is already our last day here in Italy before we pack up and head to Munich.

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