A Dinner Occasion
Last night was an occasion; dinneMiramontir was a five course meal complete with live music. Little did we know but it was a holiday in Italy. The meal was magnificent and a great atmosphere had I not been starving but after a course or two I was able to relax and take in a bit of the surroundings and enjoy the night.
Today was a volume day cruising around the trails up at Passo Lavaze. Started out on classic skis, I had great grip out in the meadow, then when I dropped down into the woods the snow changed. The grip wasn’t as good as it had been out in the meadow. Usually it isn’t a good thing but it forced me to work for the grip. I focused on technique, relaxing through the arm swing and getting my body behind the glide. Ended up skiing very well and for the most part had a grip that worked everywhere. Switching between a lower and higher tempo skiing, adjusting to the terrain. The temperature seemed to change a lot today, with periods of bright warm sunshine and other times with dark menacing clouds rolling in, then back to sunshine. It couldn’t make up its mind, and neither could I whether I wanted shed a layer or not. At the two hour mark I switched to skating and I started to shoot. Great shooting and when the sun did shine it was identical to that what I will experience in Sochi. An added bonus to be shooting in very similar conditions as in the Games.

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  1. Linda Sheehan says:

    Great job at keeping up informed of your journey. Love reading your daily posts!

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