The Italian Arrival
Jet lag is one of the most interesting feelings out there. In a matter of minutes you can go from wide awake and pumped to do anything to nodding off and not a thing will stop you from falling asleep. You just finished a huge multi course meal and 30 minutes later you are starving. That is the exact reason the team has come to Italy, to overcome the effects of jet lag under the best conditions. Enjoying the bright sunshine (unfortunately we only saw the sun for a very brief moment this morning), wonderful Italian cuisine and a chilled out atmosphere for the final days before flying into Sochi.
Traveling across the pond was a breeze. With some pre-planning already in Canmore that was one of the best Atlantic flights I have ever had. Getting a solid six plus hours of sleep on a nine hour flight. In the final week in Canmore I gradually went to bed earlier, ate meals earlier and woke up earlier. The last step was made much easier by watching the Olympics. I based it all on the fact I wanted 19:30 to feel like bedtime. In terms of flying that would be just over an hour after takeoff. It worked like a charm. Arriving in Munich I was greeted by a spectacular day of sun and temperatures in the miPasso Lavaze 3d-teens. From Munich Airport it was a fairly short three hour(ish) drive to Passo Lavaze, Italy.
The first day here was a great start to the camp. As I mentioned before the lack of sun but the snow conditions were amazing. I have never seen so much snow there then is this year. I felt great skiing in the morning and the afternoon (try to stay awake workout) was as good. After a easy workout, recovery is still key so I did so with a Hot Chocolate. All in all it’s hard to not be grinning from ear to ear.

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