Four Now It Beginnings
With the 22nd Winter Olympic Games saying their farewells and the bang of fireworks signifying the end of a magnificence 17 days, comes the sudden reality that the Paralympics are 10 days away. With the start of the Paralympics so close it’s time for me to get to Europe. Spreading everything I think I need for the trip over my bed, then selectively going through it all again. Doubling some items, halving others or removing them completely. After all the trips I’ve been on, I have a pretty good routine on how to pack. This trip is different though. In a way I’m only packing for a week long training camp in Italy. But I’ll be racing and training for a three, almost four week trip. Some clothing I don’t need to take along because I’ll get it once I arrive in Sochi with the Team Canada clothing provided by HBC. Most of the clothing I use for training and competition I need to bring because we don’t receive those items or I feel more comfortable in what I already have. After four years of preparation you don’t want to be trying a brand new glove or a different pair of socks. Stick with what you know works. Based on the forecasts I’ve seen there is not really a huge need for multiple large, thick parkas to come along. Maybe a few more pairs of shorts! I also have to prepare for the very worst that could happen. I don’t expect -20’s (which was what it was this morning in Canmore) but I will be ready for a several days of puking wet heavy snow. Or on the flip side for extremely sunny and warm (mid-teens). The beginning of the traveling is a big step. All the work is essentially done. We will do some small tweaking during our camp in Italy but the past four years is where the work has happened. The excitement of the Games soon approaching. All the emotions are coming together. Its good, I feel ready and excited to get underway. Watching the Olympics, getting excited for the excellent results, the ups and downs of coming so close or watching it all slip away. I’m proud to now take my turn and represent Canada with my very best. I took part in that pulsating excitement watching Canada’s Olympians take on the World and I know that that same support will be there we I take to the start line!

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  1. Darryl Boudreau says:

    Good luck, Mark. We will be cheering loudly from PEI.

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