Cookie Race
Today was a race day. The team decided to race the Kananaskis Ski Marathon. The Kananaskis Ski Marathon is a loppet race with distances of 42km, 24km, 15km, 5km, 3km, 1km & 500m. So a distance everyone in the family. I raced the 42km, all races are Classic technique. The course starts and finishes at the Pocaterra Hut Parking Lot going over some of the best classic skiing terrain that Alberta has to offer. But today was not my day. I started hard but quickly reined it in and was in control and in a rhythm. I didn’t quite have the glide that some others had (I did my own skis, nothing special, just fast enough for a good training race). Now, wishing I had made them a little faster. Because I didn’t have the glide I was working a lot. In classic races most people double pole over the flatter terrain. With only one arm, double poling is not my strength. As I’m going through the flatter sections needing my skis to glide really well that wasn’t there in today’s race. I knew I went hard from the start but really was getting bummed out halfway through when skiers I could and maybe should have stayed ahead were passing simply because they could double pole. By the end I had nothing left, no power no speed, I was spent. As a whole the day was a success. What I needed was a hard long intensity and that was achieved! Let’s see how I feel in the morning.

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