‘Hurry’ing to the Lead
In terms of training today was a very simple day. An easy classic ski with a few pick ups. The rest of the day was prepping some skis for travel and for tomorrow’s race. I’ll race the 42km distance. Should be interesting since the first part of the course is brand new. The starting area took some huge hits during the massive flooding in June 2013. Therefore some new trails had to be made. Tomorrow will be the first time I’ll ski on these new trails. Looking forward to that.
The Ladies of Canada continued their roll this morning in Ski Cross. Congrats to Marielle Thompson, Gold and right on her heels Kelsey Serwa for the Silver. The girls skied a dominate race from the start gate to the finish line. Up to the Laura Cross Country ski & Biathlon for the Women’s Biathlon Relay. The Canadian Women skied a terrific race, holding onto fourth place for the majority of the race. Challenging the leaders, unfortunately the team ran into bad luck on the range. Finishing a solid eighth but asking what could’ve been… An impressive Men’s semi-final Hockey game between Canada and the US. For two teams that have millions of dollars spent on the players to score goals, 1-0 is an astonishing result. The Canadian Men follow the Women’s lead and make it to the final. A relative unknown Short Track skater then raises his hand to say ‘I’m here’. Charle Courneyer skated his way to a Bronze medal. It was on another sheet of ice where Canada made history. With Brad Jacobs taking victory he not only wins Canada’s fourth straight Olympic Gold medal but Canada becomes the first country to win both Curling tournaments at the same Games. After two tremendous days Canada is hurrying up the Medal standing, and we are done yet!
Photo credit to Sochi 2014

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