‘Steak and Potatoes’ Not only one of my favorite meals but a Gold winning combination in Bobsled. Let me explain. During the Vancouver Olympics a commentator said ‘that is your Steak and Potatoes…’ For some reason this has stuck with me, I just love it. He was referring to the pairing of Calgary, Alberta’s Kaillie Humphries and Summerside, Prince Edward Island’s Heather Moyse as they won Gold in the Women’s Bobsled. But there is more to this. This East meets West combo came together once before and resulted in another Olympic Gold medal. This was from Edmonton’s Pierre Leuders (driver) and Charlottetown’s Dave MacEachern (brakeman). Today was incredible to watch the third and fourth runs of the Women’s Bobsled. Kaillie and Heather showcasing their consistency over the four runs to put down a combined time that could not be beaten. Defending a their Gold medal they won at home four years ago. Kaillie proving she is one of the World’s greatest drivers, if only, second to Alexander Zubkov (who is on his home track!) Of course, proud of the muscle that started the winning run, PEI’s Heather Moyse! Congrats to the both of them!
For me today was a recovery day, setting up for the final few days here in Canmore before the traveling to Europe. One of the first things that is on my list in preparation for a trip is a haircut. Check. First item checked off the list now a lot more to come in the next few days.
Countdown to the Opening Ceremonies is now down to 15 days.

Photo credit to Canadian Olympic Committee

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