Intensity day! I treated the intensity session this morning as a full blown race. I was pleased with the focus in both skiing and shooting. This morning’s zero with the rifle was dead on, I can’t recall a better zero. Lost the focus ever so slightly in the first bout of shooting, I was trying to get the pacing right for the skiing. So a single miss, right on the edge at 12 o’clock. My mistake for not noticing that the sun had come out again and I needed to be shooting just below the center line. The paddle fluttered but alas it stayed down. What I really was impressed with was the shooting in the remaining bouts- clean. Even though I was constantly increasing the ski speed and coming into the range with higher heart rates. I’ve been thinking of the Sochi course so much that as I was doing my intensities this morning and I was matching the terrain I was skiing to the race course in Sochi. I actually had a few very similar areas to ski.

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