After our third night staying at Mount Engadine Lodge, we headed back to Canmore. The plan had been to ski at the Lodge in the morning and make our way back down to Canmore in the afternoon. Once we woke up to bone chilling temperatures of -38 at the Lodge, we started looking for other options. One of which was to head to Canmore right away and ski there, because it was just a little warmer. Starting some of the cars we had with us up at the Lodge was interesting and took some time but in the end all them started. The cool temperatures were definitely keeping the skiers at bay, at times it seemed that I had the entire Canmore Nordic Centre to myself. In the end it was a great ski. Even had the faintest thought it was warm outside.

Excited to get up in the morning and watch the Opening Ceremonies for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games from Sochi!

Sochi 2

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