January 23rd’s World Cup Biathlon Short distance race was something special. For the first time in IPC World Cup history the race was held at night. My start time was at 18:08:30. Racing under the lights is something very unique. I have trained plenty after dusk but never raced. It was a great atmosphere, everyone seemed in great humor and athletes, coaches and staff were all excited to try something new. Germany and Biathlon go hand in hand, but Germany and fog go together as much. So a foggy, slightly wet Biathlon race under the lights, where else would you get it then in Germany. I really enjoyed the race, not that the racing is anything different in the dark but the atmosphere the darkness creates is amazing. After a few struggles in the past few World Cup races, it was a relief to put together a solid race from start to finish. Shooting clean was a highlight for me. I am a great shooter but found myself walking the bad side of the razor’s edge so far this season. Glad to be on the right side again. In the end it was a very good race for I was just not the fastest guy out on course.

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