The final day of the racing in Oberstdorf was a beautiful day. It began by the temperature just dropping below zero, freezing the snow ever so slightly. That was followed up with fairly clear skies all day and a warm shining sun. Everything put to together made for incredible weather to hold a race. The downside- the beautiful weather made for softer, wet, slushy conditions for a classic race. Starting, as I did, well into the afternoon didn’t make it any easier to ski. The course is mainly flat with a few small bumps and then one larger climb. The race was an excellent executed race. I went in with a very clear plan and that was my key to success today. The wax techs gave me and the rest of the team amazing skis, so a huge salute to them. Tonight packing up everything, in the morning I drive to Oberried for the World Cup Biathlon Finals.

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