Starting off the World Cup season with a Middle Distance Cross Country race. Covering 10km on a very familiar course- the biathlon 3.3km course. The race today was an amazing start to the season for me. I stopped the clock in the fifth fastest time with four Russians ahead of me. I wanted to start out fast and try and build from there, it might have gone out a little too fast but settled into the race and maintained throughout the later parts of the race. Knowing the course, helped me know where it was going to hurt and where to push it which is great. It’s a strange feeling when yesterday’s -20 felt ‘warm’, but that was how last week was; frigid cold. Today it kept warming up and hovered around -12 at race time. The snow actually felt fast…(ish) compared to what I was skiing on earlier in the week. Time to recover and prepare for tomorrow’s Sprint race.

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