The leaves have changed colour, fallen and are littering the trails. Each morning starts with scraping the frost off the car’s windshield. These are all signs that autumn is here and winter is coming. If you find yourself in Canmore though there is yet one more sign of winter’s approach. When the trucks start rolling and a ribbon snow appears along the trails. Frozen Thunder, a tradition still in its infancy but it grows each season. The die-hards are chomping at the bit to claim the unofficial first loop of skiing for the season, while others wait to begin the endless repetitions of the loop. As much as the skiers await the opening of Frozen Thunder it fuels the imagination that in only a few short weeks we will be hitting the trails at Lake Louise. From there it will only be two further weeks before the race bibs are handed out and the first races of the season will begin. Once it starts it will be hard to slow down.
Before this all gets out of hand I have one more training camp before the start of the season. I’m headed back to Arizona to continue on with the great work I started earlier this year. One more springboard step before all is white and the races begin. It has been a quick turnover since the last camp here. I feel ready to take it on once again and I’m looking forward to putting in the effort in this last camp before I can put away the roller skis and take out the scrapers and brushes.

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